What our clients had to say about Numerology Arts readingsand charts:

I would like to thank Mirjana for the extremely accurate analysis. She responded with alacrity to my inquiry and I am immensely grateful to Mirjana for providing me with vital information at a critical turning point in my life. The qualities emphasized have been ones which, to some extent, I have suppressed in the past and that has had negative consequences. Now that I have been ‘formally’ advised and reassured, I shall take heed in future. The analysis has assisted me in making constructive and exciting choices for the future. I feel much more positive and at ease with the changes now and am looking forward to concentrating on, in the main, fine art which gives me a great deal of satisfaction. Thank you again Mirjana for your generosity of heart and talent.
– Marion, Afrique du Sud
Mary Bragg
Dear Mirjana,
I am so thankful to you for my Cycles Analysis because it is an amazing account of how I seem to deal with the world. After reading and studying my Analysis, I feel inspired, aware and excited about looking at my life and myself in a somewhat new way. I do believe that I can now change the way I handle, act and react to my life’s daily activities. The Analysis brings up some challenging issues that I have been aware of for some time and puts them into a clear perspective for me to deal with. I think awareness is a first step and what you do with that information depends on your level of motivation which your Analysis has given me.I am going to love life and be happy with all the ups and downs that are a part of life! Thank you for the enlightenment.
Very sincerely,
Mary Bragg, Arlington, US
Alan Barrie McGourly I would highly recommend Mirjana’s Numerology Chart to all. Not only is it complex and in depth, it is very accurate and far reaching! Sadly the negative traits were as accurate as the positive ones but I now have a more meaningful insight into my persona upon which I can work and grow.:-))
My current career and personal projects were highlighted throughout as was my worldview which I found to be most encouraging and thanks to Mirjana
I now feel more confident in pursuing certain areas that have been causing me much thought.
Thanks Mirjana!
-Alan Barrie McGourly, Scotland

Tanja Cukon I would like to add my praise next to other individuals who have experienced Mirjana’s professionalism and devotion to her work. When I first ordered my Numerology analysis, first of all I was amazed by Mirjana’s accurate and individual approach to my reading and I knew that this analysis is not certainly some pure electronic product! With her deep analysis of my personality and a note of personal advice I sensed her compassion and intelligence, a deep understanding for an individual. With her report I learn a lot about myself, it has helped me to observe my life from a different point of view, make me realize my potentials, life motives etc., as to be aware of negativeness of some of my reactions and attitudes that limited my inner growth.Being satisfied and fulfilled with my personal analysis, my second experience with Mirjana’s world of numerology was by ordering a Relationship compatibility which my fiance and I enjoyed very much.
Thanks Mirjana!
-Tanja Cukon, Vienna, Austria
Muris My name is Muris and I live in Bosnia. We ordered the analysis for our one year old son. What we had got exceeded our expectations. It was a big surprise for my wife and me how accurate it was. Everything written is correct. We have also noticed some of the characteristics Mirjana mentioned in her report, but we are very thankful for some other aspects that we had not been aware before, such as how he relates to his surrounding. Now we can better understand his emotional reactions and that will help us to understand his sensibility and to find a proper approach to his inner world.We see this analysis as a great help for our further contribution in developing of his talents. She won our family over as a client for life. Thanks for all that.
-Muris & Emin, Zenica, Bosnia

The reading of Numerology Chart Analysis helped me to discover hidden strengths of my son. Also, it showed the talents that need to be developed. I can see the path toward the goals in front of him now, and I know what character traits to reinforce in him, because they will help him the most to develop in a complete and happy individual.
Mirjana, I can’t thank you enough for this information and I must congratulate you on your work!
-Aida Ojdanic, Vienna, Austria
Mike Braun
As many people do, I started looking for answers to what I thought were the BIG questions during a difficult period in my life. Thankfully my search led me to Mirjana. Her numerological analysis opened the door to my finally discovering answers to even more important, though less obvious questions – the questions of self-realization – and the answers that genuinely matter. Her highly detailed and specific readings gave me remarkable insight into my Life’s Path, my Heart’s Desire, and my hidden strengths.
Today my life is more focused on goals that bring true fulfillment and happiness. I’m at peace in a world of my design, where rewards are balanced in spiritual, emotional, and material comfort.I strongly urge you to order a Numerology Chart Analysis today.
-Mike Braun, Centennial, Colorado
Vladimir & Milan
My name is Vladimir Stojakovic. I live in Sydney Australia. I was very pleased with the quality of service Mirjana provided when doing the numerical chart for my newborn son Milan. Both Mirjana’s communication and her devotion to the art were exceptional. When the chart arrived, it was long and detailed, covering all important aspects of life. It was written in a clear manner, very easy to read and understand. I would like to highly recommend Mirjana’s work to everyone interested in getting a numerology chart done.
-Vladimir Stojakovic, 17/05/2004, Sydney, Australia

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