Do not expect that things can be changed over night.

Great efforts are needed in order to get back what had been lost:

Self confidence, respect from others or respect for others.

Patience is needed.

Hope should’t be lost.

Digest and swallow everything you have passed through.

And let it go.

In this reality, if not done this way and in this order,

Further development is not possible.

Because letting go is the only thing that brings peace to the soul.

And when our soul is in peace, it will dress itself with the silence.

Only from that silence we can reach another perspective, another awareness.

Only then we are able to see the whole sea and ourselves as a drop in that sea.

Only then we are able to realize that the whole sea is the truth.


© Mirjana Mut, 2012
TLD Poetry Collection.

Deep Spirits

“While some run in circles, deep spirits need to connect.”

Sabina Nore

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Deep Spirits & The Quest for Truth

There are no coincidences. Everything happens for a reason. It is possible that you have visited my site not only to get to know my work, but me from inside, which you achieve the best by knowing the places I visit and the people with whom I spend my time; places where I have found kindred souls and with them not only share my time, but also my energy, knowledge and inspiration and who do the same in return. I would like to believe that visiting Numerology Arts and reading my blog will inspire you to visit some of these places where I like to be, places that inspire my work and contribute to my growth. One of such places, very close to my heart, is the Deep Spirits site.

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