Soul Mate

“Our soul mate is the one who makes life come to life.” Richard Bach


Introspective Game


One of writings I like very much since I have heard the first time about it during my study of literature is The  Symposium, a philosophical text by Plato. It explores different approaches about Eros presented in the form of speech given by seven  men. Their names are: Phaedrus, Pausanias, Eryximachus, Aristophanes, Agathon, Socrates and Alcibiades. Each of them delivered a praise of Eros during the drinking party. In vino veritas.

Plato’s Mythology

For the purpose of my writing here, only one speech is relevant, the speech of Aristophanes, famous playwright of the ancient time. Through his speech Plato presented a myth of  souls who are longing to find the lost half of self  in order to become  a whole again. That myth doesn’t come from the Greek Mythology, but from Plato’s genius. He reveals that  in the beginning there were three parents: Sun, Moon, and Earth, each producing their offspring. Men came from Sun, women from Earth and androgynies from Moon. They each had one head with two faces, looking out in the opposite directions, and double pair of arms, legs and genitalia. They were not only different from today’s humans, but they also had more power and freedom and moved with a double speed. As they wanted to compete with gods, Zeus decided to punish their arrogance by taking from them  their power and their speed. He cut them in half with an idea to continue the same if they do not learn the lesson. Apollo was his right arm in this operation. He turned  their face inward, gathering their all skin together with an opening in the middle to remind them to their primary state. These new creatures were lost and desperate because of this separation. When they started starving to death, Apollo, following again Zeus’s new instructions, helped them to rejoin temporarily. With his second intervention, these creatures have got an idea of rejoining with their another half in order to become the whole. Doubled women from before wanted to be with another woman, doubled men from before wanted to be with another man and the androgynous  wanted to have the opposite gender. The seed of the soul mate story was planted with that mythology. This myth has got many additional details and versions over the time.

Like attracts like

 Plato’s myth becomes a part of my soul mate story, but more as an explanation why we have that longing. Aside of that, I am more interested in the psychological connotations of soul mate phenomenon and what  is its impact  on our life for the benefits of our personal growth.

‘Like attracts like’ is one of  The Universe Laws. When we love we can attract only love. I like the idea that we create soul mate with  the level of our consciousness. If we have a clear image of our soul mate, as more clear to the very details this image is as more chances we have to attract such an image. The same time, as more we consider ourselves as a complete being, there is more probability to attract such him/her.

Why do we need the idea about soul mate?

When we think about soul mate we project our wishes which are mainly based only on positives especially in the youth. But, even when our fantasy wants to attract soul mate with only positives, it is not possible. We are not one-sided; our soul mate is not as well. Perfect Mr./Mrs. Soul Mate doesn’t exist. It is only our fantasy that dreams about positives. In reality, with our sub consciousness we attract our disowned parts as subconsciously we know that it is the best way to work on ourself.

It seems that thinking about soul mate is an interesting introspective game. We recognize our positives and consciously attract positives and not recognizing consciously our negatives, we subconsciously attract soul mate that have our negatives, as having ours in mirror is the best way to work  them out.

It seems like the soul mate story is one of the helping synchronicities for our personal growth. It is possible that in the end effect something we consider as positives turns into the opposite and something we considered as negatives turns into the very useful positive. 

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