Deep Into Your Dreams

“Trust the dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity »
Kahlil Gibran “The Prophet”

Dreams as a Personal Oracle

One of ways to solve personal problems is to “consult” your dreams to see what your consciousness, which is in the permanent communication with the cosmic consciousness, will offer you as an answer. How to do that?

Choose one less stressed day when you want to work the chosen problem. Put yourself the precise question about the problem and write it dawn. Write also dawn every little note you find important for the situation/problem in question. Try to find some key word which expresses the very key of your problem. Before going to sleep, speak or chant this key word loud as more often you can memorizing your problem during this chanting.

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Dreams as scenario of choices

I have always thought that dreams bring us a kind of message we should figure out, something like a personal oracle. But, when my friend told me his hypothesis that dreams are about our choice of action and what is our emotional response in such actions, I had an “aha” moment.
Try to think about dreams providing us with scenario in which we can work out our choices of action and how we feel about them. In that case our dreams could  be parallel world of self discovery. 

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Number 56

Q: What does the number fifty six mean?  The reason why I am asking is because I had a dream that involved golf, basketball, and football jersey’s with the number fifty six on them.


Hi Chantal,

I do not answer so personal questions in this NQ. Personal questions are part of my numerology reports. Within this NQ I answer more general questions that could be of help for all who want to use my service. As this is your dream, I can only recommend you to follow my Dreams Symbol.

You will find useful information there that could be of help to find the clue for this dream. Just one more thing. 56 has the connotation of the magic number 11, whisper of the message from the higher source, regarding change and loving service in your life. Think about that what kind of associations all these awake by you.


Dream Symbols – A Doorway to the Unconscious

“For me dreams are the part of the nature that does not have any attention to deceive us, but express something
that know better, like plants grow up or animals search for the food the best way they can.”

C. G. Jung

Dream Symbols – A Doorway to the Unconscious

Symbols belong to our life as a very important part of our consciousness and subconsciousness, as a kind of their messengers. Symbols help us to express things that are otherwise not easy to explain, sometimes not even easy to understand. That’s why they are so present in the language of art, religion, and divination. We can realize the psychological importance of the symbols when we start to understand symbols’ world from our dreams.
Salvador Dali's "The Dream"We can feel the world around us through our senses, selecting automatically information with our consciousness and sending some of them to our subconsciousness to wait until the moment when they are going to be sent back to as symbols in our dreams.

When one symbol comes to our dream there is always some very important reason why it comes in that particular moment and in that particular form. The form of our dreams is completely different from the form we express things in daily life. When we try to explain something we have a kind of beginning and the end of our story, there is a certain logic that is easy to understand. In dreams, it is different.
It is a completely different world with its own logic, selection and presentation. And all of that serves us to dig something deeply hidden in our subconsciousness.
If you are really interested to come closer to your subconsciousness, try coming closer to your dreams.

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