Mirjana Mut

"As a holistic life coach, my intention is to help you feel happier, know yourself better, improve your relationships, your home and your professional life. Finding your personal code, I present you some of the ways to fulfill these requirements.

In my personally developed TLD – Transcendental Life Directing Program I use leading mind/body/soul techniques to look at my clients as a whole Being in order to help them release their inner power and their full potential which is necessary in order to live a healthy and successful life. My clients are the best motivation for me to continue with my work! Besides, I love what I do."

Mirjana Mut

The Numerologist

Initially, Mirjana worked as a consultant and cultural projects animator, magazine editor, writer and teacher. She published "Ajna", her first book of poems and the symbolic story “Alrybas”.

Mirjana holds a degree in World’s Literature. Her interest in the Pythagorean line of thought began with her studies of literature and philosophy. Her approach to numerology comes from her knowledge, as well as her holistic & spiritual understanding of life. Mirjana has always been deeply interested and permanently involved in matters of art and alternative ways of living.

After she founded Numerology Arts she organized her work not only giving practise of intuitive numerology in person or by phone, but organizing a range of Numerology Arts charts through the web and by mail.

Mirjana Mut is a Spiritual Technology professional, with over 15 years of experience, and a long time student of Zivorad M. Slavinski. Mirjana runs Spiritual Technology seminars herself; sessions in person or by Skype, for groups and individuals. Spiritual Technology methods cover 4 areas: problems, goals, spiritual development and past lives. They are simple, quick, inexpensive and safe as they work in a controlled and predictable manner.

Here you can arrange to experience or to learn them for your personal or professional use.

Mirjana has been organizing her Body/Mind/Soul counseling and workshops with her personally developed Transcendental Life Directing Program, helping students to find a holistic approach to their life by recognizing their Life's Purpose. More about TLD