As a numerologist I receive a vast number of questions from readers. Some are personal, others are more general in nature. In the Numerology Questions column I am going to pick one question at a time and answer it.

Can You Predict The Date of  Death?

When I got this question , I was  surprise. Who would like to know something like that, who would think about the date of death during the time of full life expression? But, the question was there and I dived into my intuition, feelings and knowledge in order to answer it. As that question became one of  the repeating questions in my work,  I selected it for this blog too.

I think that our death is a kind of  a mysterious contract between us and our Creator. I can imagine that it is the part of the same contract we had made with our Creator about life before coming here to live this life here and now. But, as the point is to live this life to the highest potential of our vibrations, date of death stays mysterious until the very end. Good so. Personally I do not give any credit to anyone who claims to be able to determine the date of death. Such claiming builds fear and fear can only burden  you  to meet your best version and possibilities. People who do this create a kind of a dangerous dependence that will divide you from your innate creativity. Instead to be active creator of your life, you become a blind follower of somebody else’s visions. One more thing. The power of our thought is the creative force given to us to create our life and the world around us in accordance to our wishes. You can learn more about it in the column called Universal Laws.

Numerology is there not to frighten you but to inspire your creativity so that you can create your life  in a harmony with your birth vibrations, which are archetypal cosmic forces given to you to live your unique, purposeful life..

12 Responses to “Predictions”

  1. Jiggly says:

    i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.

  2. Mirjana Mut says:

    Thank you Jiggly. The way you use my blog shows to me that the reasons I decided to start my blog within this site were good ones.
    I like the idea of inspiring somebody else’s’ day.
    Best wishes!

  3. manish says:

    my date of birth 24-06-1975 & my death of birth

    • Mirjana Mut says:

      Hi Manish,

      I am sorry but I am not giving such predictions. Wouldn’t be more interesting to know about your life and do the best version of your life play with you as a main actor? If that becomes your interest, you can visit my shop and see what kind of analysis will attract your curiosity the most.

    • Mirjana Mut says:

      You have to find another place for getting this answer.
      My work and my site do not give such answers. By me you can get an answer how to know you and your potential so that you can become a main actor in your life instead playing supportive roles. 🙂

  4. Camilo Garcia Alfonso says:

    Where the life path is taking me

    • Mirjana Mut says:

      Hi Camilo,

      If you are really interested to know the answer, you should also know that my work is based on certain personal data(birth name and birth date).
      If you want to get your answer, visit my shop,
      You can see many different possibilities that could give you the answer. But, the choice must be yours, as well as following the instructions of order.

  5. chetan upadhyay says:

    my date of birth 26-11-1987

    • Mirjana Mut says:

      Hi Chetan,

      It seems that you haven’t finished your letter. 🙂
      Although you do not care for authorities and most probably enjoy introspective games, in order to get any answer, you still have to put the question.

  6. akshaya says:

    my date of birth is 20-04-1998…and i want to know where my life will take me…my career and every thing related to ones life..

  7. Mirjana Mut says:

    If you really want to know that, visit my shop, read what is necessary for you to do so that I can do my part.

  8. Satish says:

    date of my last breath in this world
    Born 3dec 1947

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